Friday, October 14, 2011

So I havn't forgotten to post....just had a busy couple weeks and am getting around to it this morning.

I'm doing alright. Not great, but alright. I caught a show the other night but I didn't catch the name of it. It had a girl that was younger than me, but in the same boat that I am. She voiced some things so perfectly about how I feel I'm percieved and the issues I have with weight. First of all I know I'm a food addict. I said this before, but I'm just bringing it up again because that show got me thinking about it. Alcohol you can quit, smoking you can quit, drugs you can quit, but it's just not fair that I can't quit food. I wish I had the money and time to go to the very fancy Fitness Ridge....but I can' as Oprah says....I will forgive myself for the past and move forward with what I can do now.

So for the past two weeks....I havn't gotten alot of exercise in, but Monday I'm starting a few of the tips for weight loss I read in the 4 hour body book, and with the cold weather starting I can definatly do the "cold thereapy" when I go walking. Heather Roberts...(little shout out to ya there sista!) has also turned me on to the Non-runners guide to running a marathon, and I think I would like to try that.

I know this post has kinda been all over, but my mind is a little bit all over this morning. Healthy week to you all!!!


Heather said...

Today is a new day, right? I feel is an addiction. MINE is just SUGAR. That is SO funny you posted this because last night I was reading all about sugar addiction and how to stop. I will let ya know if I find the cure :)

Nathan and Shereece McCurdy said...

You looked great yesterday at church! What ever you are doing....keep it up. Just a thought, I heard someone using the church's website for addiction on food. Good luck this week. Love ya

Robynanna said...

I've always felt that way too, about not being able to "quit" food. For me, writing down everything...Yes, everything... I eat during the day ( really makes me pay attention to what I'm shoving in my body. Also, a trainer is scary & can cost alot, but once a week, or even once a month, really really really helps. I promise. It reminds you that someone will be checking in on your progress. Weight watchers kinda does that same idea, but just be sure you aren't trying to go it alone. It's like AA for food Addicts. :) It's way too hard by yourself. You are awesome and beautiful and strong, Megan. Love ya.

Heather said...

"You have failed only when you quit trying. Until then, you're still in the act of progression. So, never quit trying and you'll never be a failure”

---Tommy Kelley